Is it one job or two?

8 03 2011

I often come across workers who perform several different jobs as part of their usual and customary work.   I call these compound occupations, and they can pose a challenge to a Job Analyst.

One time, I was asked to do a JA at a creamery.   When I showed up, I learned that the worker did four different jobs on rotation.  And the rotation occurred WEEKLY.  This is important.

You see, if a worker rotates between positions every couple hours, as in common in many production facilities, we would normally try to describe all the assignments in one document, one analysis.  This is simply because we can still extrapolate the average amount of lifting, walking, bending, stooping etc that is performed each day.  However, if the worker performs distinctly different positions, where there is very little in common between the positions, and s/he moves between them on a rotation every day or week, it may be more accurate to describe them separately.  In these cases, separate documents more accurately reflect each job, and we can them communicate to the recipient of the document how often the worker works at each assignment.

There are several advantages to this.  For one, this process makes each job much more understandable, wherein mashing many positions together can result in an incomprehensible mess.  In addition, have descriptions of each separate assignment allows them to addressed separately.  For instance, a doctor or an employer may determine a worker can do one or two of the assignments but not the third or fourth.  Having separate documents allows each position to addressed individually.

How do you eat an elephant?  One chunk at a time.

The same applies to these compound occupations!




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