Can an Employer do a JA on their own?

19 04 2010

In a word…yes!  But SHOULD an employer do this process on their own?  That is another question!

Job Analyses are touchy things, and they are easily “shaded” one way or another.  Unfortunately, should an employer take on this task on their own, they are likely to run into accusations that the analysis is not accurate or downplays the actual job requirements.  And this accusation may come whether the analysis is accurate or not!  In fact, the employer could do the world’s best analysis and it still fall prey to accusation.

It is therefore most common that an outside, NEUTRAL party facilitate the job analysis process.  This is often a professional job analyst or vocational expert who is called upon to develop an accurate report of the job requirements from a disinterested viewpoint.  Having a qualified, reputable analyst is critical because many decisions may hinge upon the job analysis, and the last thing you want is for those decisions to be questioned after the fact because the job analysis is questions.

So pick a VERY GOOD Job Analyst and help facilitate the process.  The extra expertise will pay for itself in spades.  And the fact that you used a neutral party can be very helpful if the related issues ever go to court.




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