What is a Video Job Analysis?

16 11 2009

A Video JA is simply a traditional Job Analysis with an old-fashioned paper report that is supplemented with video, often delivered by VHS, DVD, or online video.  When we do a Video JA, we sit down at length with the employer and employee to describe the position first on paper.  This process can take several hours as we discuss the work duties, physical requirements, shifts, environmental factors, and much more.  We then take some time to determine which functions of the job are best described by video.  We will often concentrate on unusual functions or those not easily conveyed in the written word.  For example, we wouldn’t devote much video to depict a clerical worker using a computer, but we might want to show on video how the worker “burns” CDs in bulk quantities or “jogs” stacks of papers in some collating task.

What you see at the end of the process is a highly detailed written job analysis document along with a video or DVD showing key

components of the job.  It is the video that clearly and rapidly conveys to the viewer exactly how a job is done.  With the video, the viewer does not have to picture the job in the “mind’s eye.”  It is right there on the screen.

Video add clarity that words can sometimes lack

Video add clarity that words can sometimes lack

At Career Concepts,  we go another step beyond simply copying the video shot at the job site.  We also edit and reorganize the video so it presents the information in the most logical sequence.  We also add chapters and subtitles to the video to make it even easier to view and understand what you are viewing.  Lastly, we burn the video to DVD and send it in a sleeve that is pre-punched for storage in a flat claims or legal file.  This DVD can be viewed in most computers, laptops, and in the typical DVD player.  As a courtesy, we also keep additional copies of the DVD in case someone misplaces theirs!

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