How Long Should It Take to Get a Job Analysis Completed?

15 11 2009

Not long!  At least that’s our read!  There was a time when the average turnaround for a Job Analysis was 30-60 days.  And that seemed reasonable at the time.


A JA Shouldn't Take Forever!

It often took a couple weeks to get in touch with the parties and get the JA on calendar, and then that calendar date was often a week or more away.  Then, after the meeting occurred, the job analyst would have to get his notes transcribed or dictate a report what had to be transcribed.  The analyst would then ave to chase downs the parties to have them review and sign the JA report.  And more often than not, the analyst would also have to resolve discrepancies between the parties, often when one party or the other says something completely contradictory to the information that was gathered at the JA meeting.

That was then.  This is now.
30-60 days is no longer acceptable.  In fact, barring unusual circumstances, a Job Analysis assignment should be completed 2-3 weeks after the referral.  In our office, 3weeks is the absolute outside limit.  We are often done in a week! One reason for this has to do with technology.  We prepare our actual report with the parties on the day of the meeting, and we ask them to sign the report right there!  In this way, the information is fresh in their heads, and we are only asking them to sign that which they just told us is accurate.  In this way, the report is ready on the day of the meeting.

On several occasions, we have been able to complete the Job Analysis, prepare the report, add pictures (if any), and fax the report to the parties or the doctor all on the same day!

So demand a fast turnaround time from your Job Analyst.  Provided that the employer and worker are readily available for scheduling, the whole process should be completed quickly.  And this saves you money!




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